Export to IFC using a user classification

Hi guys,

At work we are currently working on IFC classification but the one embedded with Sketchup (v2.3) is too old for us. We already have the classification that we want to use, and we are able to load it, build our components and fill in the fields that we wnat to use.

Unfortunately, when we want to export some Sketchup entities to IFC format this is always the IFC2.3 that is used and the entity is dynamically converted to IFC2.3 implying loosing all specific definition and fields.

Does anyone knows how to tells Sketchup to any other classification instead of the IFC2.3 when exporting to IFC file format ?

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Scroll down to the section “Importing, exporting, and deleting classifications” in the following URL:

Using the info above, you will be able to import the most recent (IFC4) classification file.

But he said above,…

He says that the native IFC exporter does not honor the IFC4 attributes, and instead still creates an IFC2x3 file when it exports.

@milmandre, Before running the export, have you deleted the IFC2x3 schema from your template and/or model, so that it only has an IFC4 schema loaded ?

SketchUp seems to export only ifc2x3 as @milmandre explained. I had set up my own scheme and had imported in SketchUp ,together with ifc2x4 but SU still exports only ifc2x3.
More important : you can not get the information of the ‘user applyable’ fields in the Dynamic Component Option dialog !
Not in Generate Report, not in .ifc- export.

Classification.skp (114.3 KB)

Okay then, moved thread to Feature Requests category.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for your feedback, and yes I tried without any success. I also tried to replace the default IFC2.3 xsd in the IFC 2x3.skc file with our own xsd but with no other succes…

Do you know which skc or xsd file is used when exporting to IFC ? I suppose the library Skp2Ifc.dll is called at this time but then, I’m unable to locate which classification file is used :

  • C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\ShippedClassifications\IFC 2x3.skc
  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Classifications\IFC 2x3.skc



I agree with your explanations :wink:

Apparently from Mike’s investigation, none. Ie, what is exported, and how it is exported is hard-coded into the compiled DLL library. The library’s description specifically states “IFC 2x3 TC1 Exporter”.

This is common for an exporter library that produces binary files.

Thanks Dan for your investigations, so there’s nothing I can do untile a new feature is released regarding this :wink:

If you have any plan regarding that it would be great to here about it.

Thanks again for all.

@milmandre, since I’ve moved this to the Feature Request category, I would not consider the thread solved until the SketchUp IFC exporter begins to honor user IFC classifications schema’s. (Although, I appreciate the thought.)

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