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Continuing the discussion from Export to IFC using a user classification:
It would be great if the ifc export actually exported the user applied fields .
It would be even greater when we could use the classification tagger for instant layer creation ( eg if I tag a component it automatically assigns it to a layer )
The layer structure would come from the classifcation


Hence, why the referenced thread was moved to the Feature Requests category, and is really “unsolved” until such a feature is implemented. (I asked the OP to remove the solution he gave me.)

This thread’s caption should be edited to reflect your “auto layer tag” feature suggestion.

But it is definitions that are tagged ?

And definitions only “use” a layer as a default to render the instance attached to the cursor, when in “Color by Layer” mode. Once inserted the instance reverts to rendering in the active layer’s color, as it is inserted to “use” that layer. (In any other rendering mode, the definition’s layer property has no effect, AFAIK.)

Can you be more specific in how you envision this to work ?


Which was actually the reason for this new topic, but ,[quote=“DanRathbun, post:2, topic:47435”]
(I asked the OP to remove the solution he gave me.)

should cover it.

yes, you can name an instance of a definition in the entity info but all instances receive the same ‘treatment’ in the classification.

As for automating, if you have a classification system with main elements, such as ‘IfcBuildingStorey’ tagging a component with it could automatically put it in the (instant created?) Layer with corresponding name (e.g. _Ifc2x3_BuildingStory , name of classification + element)


This does not make sense to me (although easily done in a plugin.)

I would think there would be multiple components classified as ‘IfcBuildingStorey’ but each on it’s own layer ?
Ie, “Basement”, “Ground Floor”, “Mezzanine”, “Floor 3”, “Floor 4” etc.

What purpose would this server to marry the layer and classification ?

And what treatment would these layers get upon export to IFC ?


I think you need to look at imports to figure out how best to save info for properly tagged export…

I’m thinking if a Template for each Classification Standard could be generated based on the schema then Tagging could make more sense on export…

atm… even when processed through ruby you get some odd associations…

some end up with a Parent Layer as well even though the code i.layer = lays.add( /, '')), but others don’t…

NB: this plugin is for moving component axis and re-naming so they can be modified on mass, but I’m also trying to make sense of the original file structure for use in SU…



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