Is there any guideline to TAG with IFC2x3?

I could find IfcWall, IfcSlab, IfcRoof, IfcBeam, IfcColumn, IfcStair, IfcWindow, IfcDoor, but where is Ceiling and Floor, baseborder, molding? I need some guideline to TAG object (group? or component?) as Building Information Modeling…

Hi genki_tt,

The IFC schema doesn’t include classifications for ceiling, floor or moulding— which is why you’re not finding the tags you’re looking for in it. I suppose that’s one of the problems with IFC- it doesn’t contain a classification for every possible architectural building object. Just the big ones.

IFC isn’t your only choice for classifying objects in a SketchUp model, though- in fact, you can use any classification system you want. Even, if you’re feeling adventurous, one that you define yourself.



Thank you for quick reply.
I understand that the floor and ceiling is not defined in IFC.

OK. I’ll try to define original one that is fit to my Architectural Information Modeling with SketchUp’s Layer, (Solid) Group, (Dynamic) Component as architectural object.