Feature Request: Tags with automatic IFC classification

This is much likely a newbie or silly question/request:

Is there a way or could it be useful to automatically assign IFC classification to all groups and/or components that have a certain Tag?

For instance: all walls groups that I tagged under Wall would automatically inherit IfcWall classification, and so on…

That would certainly be useful. After all, classifications is the “Tag” structure of the ifc file, as a directly transferrable logic, as far as I can see.

One added benefit would be that if you dont assign an ifc translation to a tag, then the export could just ignore those tags, so you dont need to prepare so much for what you want the ifc to include. ( I do it with a scene set up as my ifc export selection)

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To me is such a natural feature that sounded silly when I was thinking about it…

I’m assuming it doesn’t exist yet.

Hello, there is. We (VBO) have developed a plugin for VBO workflow and it do exactly what you are looking for.

I can share it for you but you need to customize plugin your self for your tag system because it just in alpha version.

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that would be really cool.

Here you are: Dropbox - vbo_ifc_converter_v2.rb - Simplify your life
How to use?

  1. Zip the file, rename zip to rbz, then install like other plugins.
  2. Go to File > IFC Converter
    Currently this plugin is just working with VBO tag system, download this file: Dropbox - 5D-tag-architectural.skp - Simplify your life

If you want to work with your tag system you need to edit rb file by an editor like image follow: