SketchUp Tags mapping with IFC4


To prepare for the new year with SketchUp 2023, I am updating our VBO workflow with IFC4 version. VBO workflow base on tag system to classify components, then we’ll use a script to automatically set IFC classification for each assigned tag objects.

I created a Google Sheet for mapping between SketchUp tags with IFC Entities (IFC4) and share with you for custom in your tag system or language.

Link: SketchUp Tags mapping with IFC4 - Google Sheets

I’m writting a document about VBO workflow for this version, too. It will multi-language support (hopefully it will be completed soon!). Here some references from our document.

I appreciate if you leave a comment.


Not an expert in IFC’s but the Tag names are very long… you could look at the American Institute of Architects CAD layering Guidelines for a more efficient, logical and structured tag naming system…using keywords… happy to help with some references if needed…

I hate long layer names… more risk of typo’s and personal preferences… besides I started CAD when file names were limited to 8 characters an long layer names ran off the input box…

here is a quick ref search


If I remember right, 30 characters were the maximum in early AutoCad.

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I used AIA layer name sytem when using AutoCad, because layer name is too short so it takes time for every training. I believe it was limited because of 8 digits of a memory slot and help reduce file size. But nowaday, I think to save some bytes by shorten tag name is not a good choice and with SketchUp, tag can be called by our in-house plugin (Curic LA) while type in search box with 1 or 2 letters, so the length of tag name is no matter. Just follow IFC Entity name for clarify information.
I refered to this info:
"It has been a general understanding that BIM projects should incorporate the NCS
as noted in the references of this section. However, the NCS was primarily developed for CAD workflow and the
workflow of BIM is very different; therefore, difficulties of complying with the NCS arise when implementing BIM.
Furthermore, the NBIMS-US™ does not duplicate the information contained within the NCS so there have been
limitations between the standards for practical BIM implementation that maintains consistency in common industry
deliverables (i.e. CAD files and printed or digital documents)"

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not really trying to save bytes… consistent simple 4 letter keywords are quicker, less prone to mistyping and different interpretations,. but as you are familiar with the system and IFC’s you are the best to decide… especially if the tag naming will be automated… I am sure you have experienced 500+ autocad layers nightmares DWGS :slight_smile:

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since you’re doing the mapping data anyways - maybe there is an option to add fields for AIA & NCS names which “typically” map to a given IFC classification (and depending on granularity maybe a “depth” field is needed so one could say “this IFC object is broadly an AIA ‘…’” or vice versa). this would give folks a jumpstart and then if the scripting design was flexible for folks to select a naming, that could also assist in translating older projects (potentially).


It seems correct for me the mapping.
Take a look at Ifc Manager extension by . It could be useful with Ifc.
Also I did a extension to attach quantities to Ifc elements. You can find it at the extension warehouse, it’s called Add Ifc Quantities to Selection



I have made a new extension for import and set tag instantly from any CSV files.
You may download here:
5d_auto_tag_beta2_signed.rbz (68.0 KB)

Let’s take a look.

Support AIA Layers (I created a bunch of AIA layer 's csv sample files from what I got 15 years ago, NCS version 3.0) - Close to 1000 layers :laughing:

How do you think?

P/s: now support for importing Excel format instead CSV format.