SketchUp for BIM: Tutorial about IFC inside SketchUp

Hi guys,

Wouldn´t it be awesome a SketchUp Skill Builder about best practice for modeling a BIM (IFC) optimized model?
Trimble Connect users will be thankful.

Please, please, please.

Thank you!


it will be very usefull, and some tutorial about generate reports, I also see that kind of videos with great interest, hope to see it soon


Maybe a skill builder could be too short for that, it will be good if they do this on a Friday live modeling event.

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A skill-builder is good. Friday live modeling is good also. Bring on a tutorial on the website as well… How to use TrimBim? What are custom ifc- classes? How to define floor levels? How to control colors in export? I have hundreds of questions…

Are there actual layers/tags inside the ifc ? Trimble Connect says there are:

I can change layer visibility in Trimble Connect it seems, but how to save that to the file that I link to the model, (cause there’s no way to change the link inside sketchup, at least for .skp models)

I can import an ifc taking up a total of 15 minutes, resulting in a file that is 25mb big without any data structure, or I can upload it into Trimple connect , and convert it to a TrimBIM file, download that TrimBIM, and import the TrimBIM into sketchup easily and really fast. Then I get a 4,5 mb file with Tags structure. That is fantastic of course.

But can I link my ifc in Connect to my model as a TrimBIM file, using Trimbim as a better ifc conversion ? Lots of possibilities here, when things starts coming together.

it seem I can, in theory, do that: the ifc is converted to TrimBIM when previewing on TC. It seems I cannot save it as TrimBIM to my TC folder, but I can download it and upload it to TC again…Placing a TC link of that file fails though, as does ifc, on a Mac. Maybe placing an ifc as a TC link involves a TrimBIM conversion so that layers to tags would import? No way to find out really, before it starts working.

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We can organize something ourselves to share our IFC knowledge in the meantime.
We have different time zones but I think we will find the best moment

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Hello, I’m using a workflow base on tag sytem allow us automatically classify IFC format for SketchUp objects that assigned to the right tags. I got a demo here:

Here is my guideline for tag system (based on IFC):

You can try to download my very first beta versions here (free):
SketchUp full tag template:
5D-tag_full.skp (2.0 MB)

Auto Names: Dropbox - 5d_auto_names_beta.rbz - Simplify your life
Auto Tag Folder: Dropbox - 5d_auto_tag_folder_beta.rbz - Simplify your life
Auto IFC Converter: Dropbox - 5d_ifc_converter_beta.rbz - Simplify your life

A sample project here (paid): 5D+ Small House - SketchUp & LayOut (

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My workflow is a bit different. I export to IFC to work with Bim5D software, so I need not only Ifc category but certain Pset with Quantities.
My estimate is almost done automatically with a few search rules.
Moreover I attach Building Smart Common Pset with Ifc Manager.
I made a plugin to obtain tables based of Ifc info in order to insert them in layout.

These are the extensions I use:

This one is for Bim4D but without Ifc

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