Importing large IFC models

I am trying to import somewhat large structural IFC model into SketchUp. When I try to import the whole thing (parts only), I see nothing on screen in the end. Nothing should be far from origin. Just gray everywhere. Zoom extents does nothing. Will SketchUp just choke with IFC import like that? I also tried with a tiny portion of the model and while I now saw parts, lots of parts were actually missing (see pic below). The original bigger file is not really that big, 75 Mb unzipped IFC.
What other formats should I use if SketchUp does not really do IFC for real? TrimBim, DWG, STL?

Support said they have no computing power to import so they were not much help. The import does take maybe 20 minutes to complete.

Same small IFC in Trimble Connect

Made a limited DWG and that imported in a matter of seconds seemingly correctly. I guess will just have to stay away from IFC for now.