Importing a IFC (maximum) Size

What is the maximum IFC file size that Sketchup Pro 2019 can open?

Currently trying to open a 332mb and I have been waiting 30 mins … nothing seems to be happening :thinking:

Is it loaded, yet?

Theoretically, the limit is what your machine can handle. A 332 MB IFC textfile will result in a SketchUp file of approximate 4-6 GB, if not more…

All IFC objects are considered components, regardless they have the same geometry.

All component axes have the same (origin) outside the component itself, resulting in very slow performance. (This and the deep nesting of the geometry components itself)

On top of it, SketchUp generates thumbnails (for use in the component browser) for each and every component. (consider each component being a little SketchUp-file, opening 100.000+ files takes along time)

Try to extract what you essentially need for the purpose of your model.

check this thread:

click on the notes…

Thanks Mike.

Finally got it in … the file was originally generated from ArchiCAD and shared as a IFC.

I ended up using a plugin from SimLab - ‘IFC to Sketchup’, this worked quite well and also made it editable. So I could clean up the file and remove all the parts I didn’t need. The file size was reduced to 152mb as a skp.