Issue with importing IFC file in Sketchup PRO 2018


I’m having trouble importing an IFC file into Sketchup 2018 and I’m not sure why. I have received IFC files from the same client previously and the models imported in without any issues. The IFC was exported from ArchiCAD. What could cause an issue with importing an IFC from a BIM software into sketchup?

Thank you,

Can you explain what your troubles are ? Do you get an error, does the import fail to complete… ?

Have you viewed the file (there are several available free IFC viewers) to see what is inside? Does everything look normal? is everything the right size? Is the model perhaps located differently (if the Archicad user has placed a Survey Point)?

it needs to be the 2x3 schema, SketchUp doesn’t import 2x4

Hello Paul, it starts importing and goes upto 18% and then stalls. I left it for half an hour one time. It just stops, no error messages, nothing.

I have viewed it via a free IFC viewer called Open IFC Viewer (21.12.0) and it does look fine. I did try another viewer before and it didn’t load up there as well. So perhaps some type of compatibility issue? I’ve asked the client if they had updated their version of ArchiCAD, but it doesn’t seem like they have.

Thanks for this input Mike. Will the client just be able to export their model with the 2x3 schema from ArchiCAD? or is it something more complex?

Yes. The exporter has quite a bunch of options and I don’t think anyone has tested it all.

Another thing the Archicad user can do is to save the model directly to SKP from the Archicad 3D window.

The client has saved all files in the 2x3 schema apparently. They have sent another updated file, however, the issue still persists. I will try requesting a SKP file. Thanks for the suggestion.