Can't import IFC file

I can t import ifc file because no material define in sketchup.
Please help

Can you share the IFC file you are trying to import? Looking at that may help… otherwise, I personally don’t know of any issues with importing in 2020.

Hi Aaron, the IFC is exported frkm analysis software ( sofistik) in previous version of sofistik when i was exporting my analysis model to ifc i could import to sketchup, but now since sofistik updated to 2022 material is required therefore the model is missed in sketchup. Cant upload my ifc to the forum, my i have your e mail please

Oh I am not the one to help you with this… just trying to get the support ball rolling!

I see Aaron, i am just notifying what is going on , and i think it is time to trimble jump into it , I Mean BIM and IFC with all features that can involves. Because we will face one day this matter

I see that SOFiSTiK 2022 can import IFC2x3 and IFC4.

SketchUp Pro 2021 can export both versions.
But… both IFC exporters do not yet export all necessary information for a smooth software independent workflow / collaboration.

To make an better IFC 2x3 export you can use the IFC Manager extension.
You can download it from Github using the link in this post.

Unfortunatly my model isnt imported even with ifc manager extension, actually when i tried to import into revit it works

I expect the IFC import “problem” is caused by the Model View Definition (MVD) of the IFC file.

SOFiSTiK 2022 imports IFC 2x3 and IFC 4 files with an “Structural Analysis View 1.0” MVD.
The IFC Manager Extension exports the IFC model with an “Coordination View” MVD.
The native IFC2x3 export exports the IFC model also with an “Coordination View” MVD and the native IFC4 export exports the IFC model with an unknown “TrimBim” MVD.

I found on the internet that previous versions of SOFiSTiK also imported IFC2x3 Coordination View and the IFC4 Reference View.

Here is an informative video explaining more about Model View Definitions.

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The new version 2022 of sofistik can i.port ifc but analytical model ( wireframe) need to be incorporated that because revit is a define as preprocessing and modeling software. However in my case i cant import some IFC s exported from the new version 2022 of sofistik.

I misunderstood your question…
I thought I read that you couldn’t import SketchUp’s IFC into SOFiSTiK.

But does the IFC2x3 import also fail in SketchUp if you make an IFC2x3 export with a Coordination View 2.0 MVD from SOFiSTiK?

Finally I remodeled from sofistik ans i could import the ifc into sketchup :blush:
I think i ve missed up something in my sofistik modeling .
But as you have mentioned it would be nice if we can annotate all componants in layout in just one click like unhide or hide a tag ( annotation ).

Sketchup can’t import IFC file from revit
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If you wanted an option to import that IFC file using alternative methods:

In SketchUp using OBJ import via Blender

in Blender using BlenderBIM add-on

OK. Thanks.