Importing IFC in SU2023

Why doesn’t SU2023 manage to import IFC-files, SU2021 managed just fine. Is there some change that has been decided upon or is it a bug?

I have no problem with IFC. Can you share the model to guess what’s going on?

Thanks but it is the same for any file, so I do not think sending an ifc would help. I guess I will need to buy SimLabs IFC importer if it is just my SU2023 that is not working properly. At the moment I import through my old SU2021 and then paste in place into SU2023 as a workaround.

You should try to repair your SketchUp 2023 instalation. SketchUp 2023 import IFC normally.
Have you tried IFC Manager extension, maybe it helps?

What application are your IFCs coming from?
Have you tried making a small SketchUp model, exporting that to IFC and importing the result to another SketchUp model?
Post any IFC file that you fail to import.

I will try your suggestions thanks. Here is the file that I tried most recently without success in SU2023.Sign in to your account

The link is wrong. The file doesn’t download

Sorry I will try again. I did however manage now using the IFC manager on another file (that never loaded before) and after that it worked directly in SU2023 without a plugin. Very strange, but partly solved . Great tip with IFC Manager, had not heard of it previously.

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I believe it is from Revit originally, perhaps some faulty settings. IFC files are apparently not allowed to be posted here. I will try to link to it.

UNTRA_LeftBank_001.txt (3.7 MB)
This TXT is to be changed to IFC in the extension. IFC was not possible to post.

I have no problem loading…
UNTRA_LeftBank_001.skp (1.9 MB)

I also do not have any problem, make sure you set the import type at ‘All supported types’

FWIW, I first opened the (renamed to .ifc) file in Trimble Connect for Desktop, then exported the view as TrimBim.

This format is also used for mobile applications and results in a smaller file.
With SketchUp 2023, you can import TrimBim natively and thus resulting in a model that also is layered and doesn’t have the extreme nesting levels compared to direct import.

With an extension like Attribute editor by Aerilius, one can also see the data attached, be it on the instances, not the definitions:


IFC import:

Directimport UNTRA_Leftbank.skp (1,7 MB)

TrimBim import:

import trimbim UNTRA_Leftbank.skp (1,1 MB)

Ok, great then perhaps reinstalling will help. Thanks for your kind efforts.

Thank you so much for very interesting methods on how to do this import in a better way. And to have a method of coping with all the nesting that always happens when I receive ifs files. Much obliged!

I have the same problem. I have worked with Sketchup since 2016 and the ifc import has worked flawless. However, yesterday I had to install the 2023 version and now the import of ifc-models seams to work randomly. Some ifc models exported from revit works just fine and it doesent matter if its exported as a ifc4 or a ifc2x3. But a few ifc models cant be imported regardless if it is a ifc4 or a ifc2x3.

Does anyone know if there is some objects in the revit file that has to be removed before exporting the ifc-model to enable the ifc import function i Sketchup 2023?

Or does anyone have another solution for the problem?

Thankfull for help!

What I found useful and that solved my issues was to make sure to have the IFC on my laptop first as my files are often very large and that simply causes the trouble on SU2023, problems that did not occur earlier with SU2021 (I tested same file). My recommendation is to avoid having big files on cloud services while working on them and especially during ifc imports.


Thank you, that worked!

Excellent, glad I could be of some assistance.



Once they get Trimble Connect up and running in a proper way we will not need the importers inside SU. Trimbim is a better importer for dwg and ifc.

So we need the desktop client, also for Mac, and we need TrimBim to be the default import method for ifc´s and dwg´s.

For that to work we need a Link Palette inside Sketchup to use the TrimBim capabilities inside TC and some enhancements:

  • filtering of ifc layers, and preview of that result (To get a cleaner file into SU. This exists inside TC, but not in the link palette inside SU)
  • option to Delete ifc colors from file ( so as to not clutter your model with 50 shades of PINK)
  • Storing of those link preferences for each link, so that next time you update the link, you can choose to not do those selections all over again.
  • Same layer options for dwg, and also some advanced link preferences/option to set local origo for ifc´s and dwg´s with far away origin point.
  • We need the TC link palette in SU to be able to to link to the local (on the machine) copy of the files, so that we are not forced to upload files to the cloud before we link to them in SU

And maybe do those things in a separate thread, for the beachball to go away.

I encountered an other error when i tried to import balkonies from an ifc-file. The height between the storys is multiplied by 2. It should be 2770 mm between them but when I import the ifc the distance changes to 5540. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?