Importing ifc file do not work

Hello there!
I have got an ifc file from an architect who built it in revit. When I try to import it to sketchup. The import stops at 3 %. It is not a big file so that should not be the problem. Any idea for a solution?
Unfortunatly it is not possible to upload the file here since its not a valid format.

pack it to .zip file…

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If I remember right, SketchUp supports IFC 2x3 but not newer version.

As it happens, I received an IFC file today and downloaded a free IFC viewer to take a look. It seems to be IFC2x3 format but SU2021 won’t even look at it. Or the Mac version won’t anyway. Unless I am doing it wrong of course. It’s a 9Mb file so nothing heavy.