IFC import not working well

I have received an ifc file and am having trouble seeing what is in it. It is the first time I import such a file.

Could anyone please try to import the attached ifc file? I imported it, it shows as a component but I cannot see a thing. It is supposed to be an structural scheme.

I would appreciate any help.

The file can be downloaded from https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqbbo9alijia2uk/MAFUZ%20XANGRILA.IFC?dl=1


IFC.skp (670.9 KB)


Please tell me if it imported without any problems. Could you share what you did? Did you use Sketchup 2020?

Import remained blank for me too, even if the importer reported importing a bunch of objects. I tested in 2020 and 2021.

Can you say how you managed to make a SKP version of the model?

BTW, I tested with 2017 and later, included 2021. They all gave the same empty scene results.


I am not sure who the question is directed to. If it is to mihai.s, I think somehow he managed to open the ifc file I was sent.

My post should show that I was replying to him. I think he may have done something to fix the file, because it doesn’t import for us.

Tried to to import this IFC to SketchUp and have same result as @Anssi and @colin. Tried to open this IFC in Revit and it works. So this is probably the way how @mihai.s exported this file to skp (IFC -> Revit -> SketchUp).

For the import of the IFC file and export as a SKP file I used pCon planner (Win).

I tried FZKViewer. It reported some errors when opening but I could export to STL from there.

Thanks that does work. I had tried Blender, but that showed a lot of errors when importing.

It’s a shame pCon planner doesn’t export IFC, I would be able to compare their export against the files that fail.

You’re welcome!

pCon already imports and exports in important formats often used: DWG, SKP, OBJ, FBX.

That file works as well. Interesting that they export the SKP with Parallel Projection, and 30 degrees field of view when in Perspective.

If pCon and TurboCAD can read these files, you would think that SketchUp should be able to.

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