IFC model updating grows the file size too much

Hi everyone,

i have an issue with IFC-models. I work with an ifc reference model and when I want to import a new revision of the model I just delete the geometry of the ifc from the model and import the new revision of the ifc file to SketchUp. The problem is that the file size ramps up pretty quick to a several hundred megabytes. I think the problem is that the file stores all the geometry in the file’s own library although the geometry is deleted from the model. I tried to delete some of the old models from the library, but I noticed SketchUp breaks down the model and I would have to delete hundreds or even thousands of components which are from the imported ifc model. Is there a workflow for using ifc-models as updateable reference models without the file size bloating too much?

Have you tried Window menu>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused? Your method will leave all the older version components stored in your model (look in In Model section of your Components tray)


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The file size dropped down almost 100 Mb! I’ll consider this one solved.

Thank you!