Import DWG via TrimBIM import

Here’s an alternative way to import DWG’s into SketchUp that can deal with some disadvantages of the normal import method. From version 2023, it is possible to import .trb formatted files (TrimBIM).
This format is used on different platforms (Mobile, Browser, Desktop) in order to view different other filetypes (.skp, .dwg, .ifc, .tekla, etc.)

For Windows (Only) you can also download the desktop App:
Either go to and hit the ‘chocolate menu’ in the top-right or access it via


More information about installing can be found here:

Trimble Connect for Windows User Guide - Getting Started

If you have created a project with multiple dwg’s ( from different consultants like electrical or HVAC) you can combine those inside TCW and even set different Layers to be visible or not. Object’s can also be hidden or isolated in that view.

Than, you can export the current view as TrimBIM.

And import that in SketchUp.


Adjust the Style for CADimport and you’re good to go!


I´m trying to understand how TrimBim fits into the workflow. Trimble Connect uses TrimBim to generate the preview for a ifc file. It can open and show an ifc really fast where ifc import into sketchup is rather slow and clunky. That means Trimbit is actually an importer for ifc, and a much better one.

I also notice that the trimbim translation provides layer information and produces a much smaller sketchup file for some reason.

So for linking an ifc to the model one really wants TrimBim to do the job I guess. The ifc is translated to Trimbit for the preview. You then get to filter layers on that preview.

This means, if you connect together the pieces that are already there, that you can have an ifc in Trimble Connect linked to your sketchup model, imported via Trimbim, where you get so set up which layers you want to import in a preview. If that setup were saved to the link you would get the same subset into your model the next time you updated your ifc link.

This shows real promise, although for now you need to download and import the Trimbim file that is made from an ifc, instead of linking the ifc file via TrimBim.

I guess the Trimble Connect desktop app then becomes the external hub for controlling all your linked files for a model, so in the future you can hit one button to get all links to update without sketchup beach balling for ten minutes in the process.

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Trimble Connect (for Win Desktop) is actually a great method to import a DWG to Sketchup. A bit convuluted but excellent and fast and including text. Great!

I couldn’t seem to be able to do it in Trimble Connect Web.

I also couldn’t find how to change the origin point from the CAD drawing/model.

Could you point me in the right direction, if you don’t mind?

While you can create different views in TCW (browser version), one cannot download the view itself as trimbim download, there is only a download option per model by clicking on the three dots beyond a model.
So you need to synchronize the views in the desktop

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And in Trimble Connect for Desktop, is it possible to change the origin point of a model?

Yes, you have to activate the top icon on the right and select the model to get to the details.

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Thanks, that’s great!