REQ Import as Trimbim

I’d like to have an import feature that would force the option to convert any supported file into Trimbim and then import it into sketchup.

Import as Trimbim would use the Trimble connect converter to convert files such as DWG into Trimbim and then import these Trimbim files into Sketchup. This would avoid us first sending the files to the server and then importing them via Cloud.

The fact is that Trimbim DWG convert is much better than the regular DWG import, seems to be better maintained by Trimble than all other Sketchup import methods and though the DWG import might be useful in some situations, (and I don’t want to loose it) the convert and import method for files into Trimbim and then Sketchup is convuluted and makes us loose too much time.

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You can already do this -

open your DWG file in the 3D viewer and choose download as trimbim

SketchUp supports the importing of trimbim via the import menu

@Elmtec-Adam thanks for your answer and interest in the subject.

What you suggest is how I do it already (although you’re showing the web version and I’m using the Desktop version which has the import menu in file > import or file > trimble connect > import)

But to import a Trimbim file I first need to convert it from the original format, for the sake of this thread let’s use DWG as an example:

  1. Save a file from your email, dropbox, wetransfer linke, whatever, into your usual file storing folder in Desktop.
  2. Send the file to Trimble Connect for Desktop (effectively duplicating it in your hard drive);
  3. Convert the file to Trimbim in Trimble Connect;
  4. Save the .trb file to a folder of your choice, probably the same folder.
  5. Import it into Sketchup.

I would rather do the following:

  1. Save the file in your hardrive
  2. Go to import menu and select something that looked like: “Convert to TrimBIM and Import…”

Besides all this I still need to fix the origin of the file and clean it up after import. Doing all this stuff while being asked questions by collaborators or answering phones, is a major pain and doing the import with a single action instead of 4, means a lot of quality of life for me and I guess this would be true to a lot of us.

That would be nice.

One thing that might help you is that you can use Trimble Connect Sync to sync your project folders directly with TC - that might remove some steps for you.

Generally making the DWG importer in SU play as well as the TC one would be good, there is a big difference in how well they work

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Sometimes I also use Trimble Connect Sync, but then I have to wait for the Sync of the full project. That is even less cool. : )