One Click Solution to Convert DWG files into TrimBIM files and Import them into Sketchup

I’d like to be able to have an import DWG method in Sketchup’s “File > Trimble Connect > File Import” menu or in the “File > Import” menu, to convert a DWG file into TrimBIM and import it into a Sketchup model.

Ideally it would be as easy to use in files existing in our computer as well as files existing in the Trimble Connect Web folders, but all the conversions and import methods should be happening without the need for convuluted human intervention like the one described here:

I agree with your idea. Maybe a check box in TC, “Automatically Convert .dwg files to TrimBim”.

Here’s a ‘workflow’ that’s fairly quick for anyone who might have a go at it.

Create Project Folder with File Explorer:

Create Project in TC Desktop and use Drag and Drop or the Add File to Selected Folder button:

View File (in this case the DWG) in TC and Select “Export current 3D view as TrimBim Model” from the dropdown menu (right side, it looks like a little wishbone). Save it to your local folder:

Drag and Drop the TrimBim into your SKP:

Publish the SKP to your project using the TC Extension:

Drag the downloaded TrimBim into your TC project folder (or use Add File to Selected Folder button):

I believe @JQL has pointed out that there may be another hidden Trimble Connect folder that is used to syn files. That may be a hard drive space waste. But you can stay in sync using the TC sync button and the TC Extension so your SKP and project files stay up to date at least.

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As long as you use Trimble Connect for Windows, there will always be an hidden file being created for the files you create, download, drag and drop or somehow add to the app.

I can’t remember the folder where it’s stored but I’ve seen it. The apps in that folder are also code named. You can eras them but if you do, they start getting errors on Trimble connect for windows. TC asdumes the file is there, doesn’t download it again, but can’t work with the file either.

I made a request for Trimble Connect to be able to use our regular folder structure in windows as TC Sync does.

It makes no sense to me to have such a mess between files and folders that are already synced between cloud and desktop.

You can see the request here:

I see. Any problems notwithstanding it appears work is being done to enhance file interoperability. DWG processing helps escape 2D and get us back into 3D/SU. TC and TRB files keep looking more appealing to use.

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