Ability to point Trimble Connect for Desktop to a custom windows folder

I have posted this originally in Trimble Connect Forum, but I thought your team could be more sensible to Sketchup users dealing with Trimble Connect, as we are not as used to the Trimble Connect typical workflow. You can see the original post here:

Folder Management in Windows and Ability to point Trimble Connect for Desktop to a custom folder | Trimble Connect User Forum

I use Trimble Connect Web, Trimble Connect Desktop, Trimble Connect Sync and Windows File Explorer for my work.

I work with all sort of files, like 3D models, 2D DWG files, PDF, Documents, Images, Vector graphics, pointclouds and a lot of other formats. I’m not working on the cloud as it would be impossible. I’m working on my desktop apps.

Trimble Connect Web is permanently synced with Windows File Explorer using Trimble Connect Sync, however I also need to use Trimble Connect for Desktop sometimes and it really (REALLY) annoys me that Trimble Connect for Desktop keeps it’s own file system, where offline files are hidden somewhere in my computer as temp files with temp file names.

It’s perfectly stupid that I have my working files in my working folder in Windows, that is in sync with all my collaborators computers, deeply integrated in my workflow and readily accessible to everyone, but each time I want to use Trimble Connect for Windows the file isn’t there as it requires downloading and duplicating the file somewhere in my desktop, hidden from me.

Trimble Connect for Windows should use my working folder, should see all my offline files, should be able to create, modify and manage my working folder, and also sync it with Trimble Connect Web as soon as possible so I can streamline my work with it and don’t waste Gb of duplicate files in my Harddrive.

So I want to be able to tell Trimble Connect for Desktop, where it should store the folder structure of a project, so it could be pointed to my working folder and work, manage and sync files, exactly as I can do with Trimble Connect Sync.

This way, if I’d use Windows File Explorer to drag a file to working folder, as soon as I would open Trimble Connect for Windows, the file would be immediately shown in the right place even if I would be offline and Trimble Connect Web wouldn’t see it as it wasn’t yet synced to web.

Then, as soon as possible, either automatically or manually, Trimble Connect for Desktop should sync files bidirectionaly, having them shown on web and file explorer as well as Trimble Connect for Desktop.

In fact, if Trimble Connect for Windows would be installed in any Computer, I don’t see why I would need Trimble Connect Sync.

All Trimble Connect Apps should be in Sync and all file management between Web, Desktop and File Explorer should be seamless.

At the moment it’s a dreaded task that makes us loose a huge amount of time.