Opening Web App Files in Desktop App

Hello! I’ve been working on the Web App version and decided to upgrade to Pro for better performance. How do you connect the Desktop app to the Trimble cloud to keep these files in sync? I’d like to be able to access the files between devices. Not seeing any clear information on this in the documentation. But there’s a chance I missed it. Thanks for the help!

The Trimble Connect options are in the File menu after you start your first document that session. If you are signed in with the same email address, you should be able to load any of your Trimble Connect stored files from inside SketchUp.

The same menus have publish options, for when you have made changes and want the web version to be updated.

This video goes over the things you can do with Trimble Connect in SketchUp. The video is from the 2019 version, but those features are the same in later versions.

Thank you so much, Colin! I found it right where you said it was. Feature request: In future versions, could they put the ‘open from Trimble Connect’ on the Desktop App’s opening screen? Also, thanks for the video on Trimble Connect.

Having it in the Home Screen is a reasonable idea, but there is a problem in that the Trimble Connect features are a plugin, and those are not initialized until you start a new document, or open an existing one. Then Trimble Connect gets loaded and can be used.

Gotcha. Ok so maybe a feature for if/when the application gets rebuilt. :slight_smile: