Using files between pro and web

Hello, I have been using the free web version for a few years and just made the leap to Pro. I saved my current file from web to my desktop, then opened it in Pro. I’m wondering if there is a way for me to take files I modify in Pro and make them available for use when I am not at my PC?

The desktop client (eg. Pro) comes with the Trimble Connect extension (you can add the toolbar via [menu] View > Toolbar or Tool palette on Mac) there is also a menu item under File > Trimble Connect > …
(Only available when you have a file open)

You can publish models and then they would be available via the cloud on other devices.

But, since you now have access to an unlimited number of projects, you better create a new project first, and then start uploading the file(s) of that project.

Keep in mind that the autosave feature of the desktop client is not the same as the one you are used to in the web version.

You need to publish manually in order to get the revision history in the cloud.

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