Transfer Projects from Online to Desktop

I have been using the free version of Sketchup online and just got a license for the pro version. I have created a few projects online but I don’t know how to export them so I can edit them on Pro. Is there a way to do this that I’m missing or am i just SOL?

There are several ways, but for work on the desktop pro version the easiest path is probably to run the web version, open your model there, then use the folder icon at the top and select download. That will transfer a copy to your local computer, which is the best place to work on a model using the desktop app.

An alternative to Steve’s method would be to go to Trimble Connect in the File menu, sign in to your account if needed and retrieve your files from there. You can continue using your Trimble Connect account to store copies of your model files, too.

Screenshot - 2_10_2020 , 11_04_17 AM

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Oh yeah. Being a one-man-band, I tend to forget about Trimble Connect.

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