Exporting a SU for Web to use in SU Pro

Hello. Was test driving SU for Web and found that I wanted to export my model to continue to work on it in SU Pro. It’s not clear to me how to do this from the Web version and while trying to I think I may have lost my file and can’t retrieve it.

Click on the file folder…

Thanks Dave.

Yes, I understand but I couldn’t get that or the export to work for me when using the web version in my first few attempts and was pretty much unresponsive. I’ve used pro for some time and find the web interface a bit limited, but still like it for what it offers.

I tried to export the file, but then it pretty much got deleted somehow in the process. I had 16+ hours invested in the design file. Do you know if a deleted or disappearing file can be retrieved?


Try going to your Trimble Connect account directly in your browser and see if the file is there.

Alternatively, if you are planning to open it in Pro anyway, you should be able to save the model from the web directly into your Trimble Connect account and then access it it in SU Pro by going to File>Trimble Connect>Open Model.

Yah, that’s clear. No longer in Trimble Connect. I suspect it must be somewhere because I don’t recall it warning me that anything was going to be deleted. I think I tried exporting it to 3D warehouse as a private file and not there either. I think I will have to try to ask Trimble to see if it can be retrieved in any way.

Thanks for your help.