The "Trimble Connect" menubar item isn't available at startup

For some reason, the “Trimble Connect” menu item isn’t available at startup in the desktop SketchUp app. After launching the app and clicking the ‘File’ menu, there is no “Trimble Connect” option to open a file from the ‘Trimble Connect’ service.

It only appears after creating a new document or opening an existing one. Then that document needs to be closed.

Please address this issue and make the “Trimble Connect” menu item available at all times, so that additional documents won’t need to be created or opened and then closed.

Check the ‘Open file’ button in the middle of the welcome screen.

@MikeWayzovski, OK. But it would be better to make that menu item available all the time, so people don’t get confused (and maybe create posts like this).

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