Trimble Connect doesn't open in Sketchup 2023

When I try to press the open model button in the trimble connect extension in Sketchup 2023, nothing happens. I can open the collaboration just fine. I tried logging out and logging back in Sketchup, but still not working. I tried the 2022 version and it works fine. Does anyone know why the 2023 doesnt work with trimble connect?

Check the version in the extension manager
[menu] Extensions > Extension Manager
Are they the same (2022/2023)

They are both the same version 2.09

Try repairing the SketchUp installation. Close SketchUp and LayOut, find the downloaded installer in your Downloads folder. Make sure it is the latest one from Right click on it, choose Run as administrator, and then choose Repair when prompted.

Still cant open trimble connect

So you have a (saved) file open?
What happens if you use the file menu?

The file menu doesn’t work as well