Trimble Connect 3D Viewer Error "File failed to load"

New to SketchUp and Trimble connect. I published a simple model to Trimble Connect directly from SketchUp. The file shows up in the Trimble connect Explorer view. However, when I try to open the model and the 3D viewer page opens I get an error message. “File failed to load” Does anyone no what may be causing this?

Select the file first in the first tab, then choose ‘Edit with SketchUp’ and make some changes.

Work is being done at the moment to make the Trimble Connect viewer work with SketchUp 2021 format files. If you need to share your model to someone you could use the Download option within the SketchUp model editor, and download it as a 2020 file. Then upload that to Trimble Connect.

Thanks! I was able to save the file in 2020 format and upload and view in Trimble Connect.

Hello Colin, could you confirm when the compliance with 2021 update will be finalised please?

Hi, I just started using the free version on 05 Feb 2021 and I’m also getting the “file failed to load” error. How can I change the save as 2020 file if I can’t access the original file? Do I have the same options available in the free version as the methods mentioned in this thread?

You should be able to open the model as if you are going to edit it, then use the three lines menu in the upper left, Download, to download a 2020 version of the file. That will then work in Trimble Connect.