How do I open the file I saved through my.sketchup?

It seems intuitive that I just go to the file in Trimble Connect through the My Sketchup interface, but when I click on the file, it wants me to save. There is not an option to just open the file. Sometimes it pops up and gives me the option to “Open” my saved file, but this is rare.

What gives??

What web browser are you using?

Chrome Version 53.0.2785.143 m (64-bit)

Heya @mdk,

I’m curious if you’re clicking the download button as opposed to the home button which will give you access to Trimble Connect:

However, if you’re clicking on the home button, opening your SketchUp folder, and clicking on a model and that downloads a model, let me know.

It actually seems to be working now. I was using the ‘Access Trimble’ button, but when I clicked the file like you show, it just wasnt working. I will continue to monitor it and let you know if there are still issues.

Okay, I figured it out. To open, use the ‘hamburger’. Not intuitive!!

mdk -

As I’m sure you can guess from the UI, we’re doing all we can to preserve the whole window as part of your design space. As such, a fair amount of functionality is hidden behind the “hamburger” menu. You mentioned that you think this is not intuitive. Do you have any feedback on what you might find more intuitive? And, how much scree real estate are you willing to give up to make things more intuitive?

Thanks. Your feedback is appreciated,

I think the issue for me was when I opened MySketchup, I’d have a new “Untitled” file open. When I clicked “Untitled” it would prompt me to save, which is now what I wanted to do. I was trying to open up a file saved to Trimble Connect. Also, the 2 screens looked identical (the one for the hamburger and the one when clicking “Untitled”)

My suggestion would be when you click on 'Untitled", that a smaller pop-up appear asking you save it. OR just not make “Untitled” clickable, and only when a change is made, does the “Save” thing come up, allowing the user to save.