Can't open my model

Hi everyone,
I need desperately help from you. I tried my.SketchUp for make model of my apartment, but when I tried to open it next day I was terrified the Open button in TtrimbleConnect tab did nothing. I found out the model is saved in my offline browser storage Indexeddb and probably wasn’t saved well on online cloud. I extracted data from Indexeddb and found the exact file with same size as mentioned on mySketchUp, but I cant open it in any known CAD viewer.
I know I shell make a back up before I closed the site but can anybody help me to recover the project. I spent a lot of time to create that.
Here are extracted files from> C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\IndexedDB (262.8 KB)

Thank you very much

Hello, sorry to hear about this. Can you go to Trimble Connect directly and see if your file is there?

The file you attached is in Chrome’s internal data format and I don’t immediately know how to open it.

Thanks but i tried it before and somehow the model wasn’t even uploated to the server when I synced it first time. Chrome internal file is the only thing what left. If you copy my files to your folder in newly created project you are seeing the exact same situation. File is not crrupted but I’m not able to upload it or open (and download regular .skp).

Not sure how you did this but if you have the binary data, that is simply a .skp file, which you should be able to import back to my.sketchup or open with the desktop version of SketchUp.

I tried your indexeddb files but I can’t get Chrome to load them.

Just to make sure I understand, if you create a new model and save it, it doesn’t push the file to your Trimble Connect account?

If I open new model and try to save on Trimble it seems to be ok now but my first model seems to be stuck up.
For ilustration i attach video, where you can see the problem. Open and sync button don’t work (only in this one model).
File 51.skp is uploaded from Chrome internal storage.

out-1.ogv.avi (1.3 MB)

Thank you for the video! This is very strange and I am very interested in understanding how this happened. I’ll get in touch with you via direct message. Hopefully we’ll be able to recover that model for you.

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