Cannot access my model

I have not been able to access my model since last Friday evening. I can see the file but when i click on it, it opens to a blank model and none of the cursors work (i.e. the screen I see is fixed and cannot be moved/edited). Could someone assist please? I have worked on this model for a long time.

Thank you.

Can you go to your Trimble Connect page and download the file? Then upload it here so we can take a look. Very likely it will be possible to fix it for you so you can use it again.

Hi Dave, thank you for your prompt response. I have uploaded my model here.

The uploading seems to get cancelled every time. I will keep trying to upload the file.

How big is the file? Maybe upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

It could be that your huge file is over-taxing your system. When I opened the file, the view was of the shelves above the washing machine.

I purged the unused stuff from your model which is a thing you should get in the habit of doing.
Screenshot - 3_29_2020 , 9_58_12 PM
That reduced the file size by better than 56%.

I’ll provide the link when I get it uploaded.

Here’s the link:

See if you can open this.

Thank you so much! This works great now. May I know how to purge unused stuff in the model please?

Well, I did it in SketchUp Pro using an extension so that it would give a report to show what had been purged. In the free version you would open the individual panels, click on the house icon near the top and then the recycle symbol at the bottom.

Start with Components. Then do Materials and Tags (layers) and Styles.

It’s a good idea to understand that if you bring in a component from the 3D Warehouse and later decide you don’t want it, simply deleting it from the model space doesn’t get rid of it completely. You have to purge the unused ones.

I see…i didnt know that. Thank you for this! Appreciate it very much.

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