Sketchup failed to open document! help

Hi, I try to open the model I’m working on yesterday, it gives the attached opening error. Does anyone can help me, please?

@colin and @DaveR can you help me? pleeease

I tried. No luck. Maybe Colin will have some, though.

do you have the .skb backup copy?

thank you to try!!

the .skb:

Again no luck for me. Keep your fingers crossed that Colin will have success.

Out of curiosity, are you saving your file to some cloud location while working on it?

yeah, I use Google Drive

do you think this is the problem?

This may be the root of your problem. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that points to file corruption happening to files that are saved directly to the cloud. Best practice is to save the file to a local folder on your computer and only upload it to the cloud when you’re finished working on it for the time being.

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I didn’t know that, but thanks for the help and information. thank you

Sorry I couldn’t get your files to open. Hopefully Colin will be along soon.

FWIW, if you need to save your files to the cloud you could consider using your Trimble Connect storage. You would still save locally but also Publish to Trimble Connect. If you want to open a file saved in your TC storage, the file first gets downloaded to your internal drive. Saves are done locally and when you publish the model to Trimble Connect it then gets uploaded. Much safer because the local file is still on your computer.

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There’s a high probability that your file was corrupted because of that, sometimes the files get filled with zeros, if I were you I’d start to work again from scratch, in case Colin isn’t able to recover it.

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Thanks for tthe help!!