File Preferences for Trimble Connect sync

I have Sketchup Pro and have downloaded and used Trimble Connect Sync tool. I’m confused about where to save files to. When I save a model, I have a difficult time finding it. Apparently it doesn’t save to project folders in Trimble Connect. Should I change my Window preferences to the Trimble Connect Sync folder that I just found? Should I make additional folders there for materials, components, etc.?

Rather than saving a model, should I publish it if I want it uploaded to Trimble Connect?

You can do it in a couple of ways

Publishing it to Trimble Conect will upload it to Trimble Connect.


If you have setup the trimble connect sync tool and have a folder for your project, you can directly save to that folder, and it will upload next time the machine syncs

Thanks! What about setting up my file preferences in Sketchup to the sync folder?

checkout this thread for ideas:

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