Saving desktop sketchup file on the Trimble cloud

Can I save my Sketchup model on a Sketchup cloud. I have the desktop version
loaded onto my hard drive. the Trimble connect dialog is open to me, but I am hesitant to start sending my files anywhere in case I could lose them.

You can upload your SketchUp file to your Trimble Connect storage. Go to File>Trimble connect and choose Publish. It’s a good idea to save them locally, too.

You could also go to your Trimble Connect account via your internet browser and upload it directly.

Thanks Dave! Don’t know how you help so many people.

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Along with the manual upload process inside of SU, be aware that there is a free TC Sync tool that you can use to backup your project files. You can set it up to backup automatically on a schedule (time / day) of your liking and you can set it up to be One-Way or Two-Way synchronization. More info…

In addition to what @ChrisDizon said:
The Sync app for the Mac version still says: (Beta), but works, you can bypass OS security settings and warnings in the system preferences and install it.

Actually, all apps keep developing, and the more people use it, the more specific use cases or bugs can be taken in account for future releases.:grinning:

Thanks Chris

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