How Do I Use Trimble Connect

I’m supposed to have access to 10GB of Trimble Connect, but I don’t have a clue how to use it with SU 2020. Is there something that I have to download and install? Is it directly accessible from inside SU? If so, how?

In SketchUp, you can go to the File menu and click on Trimble Connect. Then click on Publish if you want to save your file to your cloud storage there. You can also go to and sign in. There you can upload files, create projects, invite others to access your files and more. Poke around. You can’t hurt anything.

Great help. Thanks!

If you want to use Trimble Connect as cloud backup, automatic file sharing, or collaboration - while maintaining a local copy of your files, check out Trimble Connect Sync. It’s available for Windows and MacOS. In use, I just make sure that any project folders I want synchronized are in my file directory tree in, or below, a folder that is synchronized.

I use it to keep projects from work in the cloud so that I can work on them from home - in normal times I work from home about 10 hours/week in addition to my 25 hour/week in the office. In ABNORMAL times - like right now with the San Francisco Bay Area Covid19 Shelter in Place order, I’m working full time from home!

I’m also starting to brainstorm a rural family (intentional family, that is) compound that will consist of a common building which will basically be a kitchen, pantry, great room functioning as living room and dining room, and have a fully plumbed bathroom. People joining us (starting with myself and my cousin) will build their own personal space cottages. My cousin isn’t interested (yet) in actively helping in the design - at least not directly. But he has the Windows SketchUp Viewer - and Trimble Connect Sync - so he can look at what I’m doing any time. He’s also taken screen captures and annotated them with comments a couple of times as a feed back mechanism. He puts them in a “feedback” folder within the project, that syncs them to the cloud, then to me. Our agreement is that, if I haven’t responded in 48 hours, he’ll email me a “heads up”. (I know we could do something like this more formally using other features of Trimble Connect, but he’s a bit of a curmudgeon - the less new stuff he has to learn, the happier he is!)

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I’ve been looking in on Trimble Connect for years now waiting for it to be ready for prime time. Most of my clients enjoy seeing their model being developed which I share through DropBox or email. Encouraged by this thread, I downloaded the Sync app. Maybe it’s me.

Apple has started to require software developers to ‘notarize’ their installers, part of a wider effort to protect users from malicious software. This has been ratcheting up for the last few years, and with the release of Catalina, Apple now adds some pretty scary sounding language to their dialog. My guess is that the Connect Sync Tool isn’t the only installer you have tried that shows this warning.

I’ll have a chat with the sync tool team to see what their plan is to address this. I can’t make this dialog go away for you, but I will tell you that I saw it myself the other day when I installed a new build of ArchiCAD for some testing. So at least the Connect team are not alone in this. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can still install the app. Here is Apple’s support article, “Safely open apps on your Mac”, explaining the process better than I can.

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