Moving drawing from Trimble to my server

Hey there

Having some drawings in Trimble and some on my server is just not convinient, when I want to find my project. Can I download SU-drawings that are on TRIMBLE to my server or harddisc? Maybe even work on them off line?



Yes, you can! However there seems not to be a download button in the Trimble Connect view of the SketchUp app, and the manual process is probably not enjoyable for many files:

If you need to transfer many files and want to access them on your local file system, the best is the Trimble Connect Sync tool (but it is a bit weak on cross-platform support and probably doesn’t run on your server).

To my knowledge SketchUp for Web / Trimble Connect has no universal cloud adapter where you can freely choose where your files are stored (like either Trimble Connect cloud, your NextCloud, GDrive, OneDrive, your own server). But there is a Trimble Connect API to authenticate and access files automatically, so it could be possible to build your own syncing tool to your server.

Great! Your picture said it all: The picnicbasket is not part of the save –icon, but opens a world of opportunities like creating a new file without closing the program and reopen trimple :- )


You can download files to your computer directly from Trimble Connect by clicking on the Download from cloud button after selecting the file or files you want to download.

…is a file folder icon and provides options for saving the file, downloading it, or other things.

Is that the view of the Trimble Connect extension for SketchUp Pro (Desktop)?

I just went to Trimble Connect in Chrome, signed in and opened one of my folders to select a file. Maybe it varies by account type?

Oh, I didn’t think of, I expected the Trimble Connect embedded in to also have download features. It seems odd to leave something such essential out.

Maybe they figure if you have the SketchUp App open anyway, there’s already a way to download the file. I have no idea.

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