Bulk download all files from account

hi, i am looking for a way to bulk download all my files i have in my sk shop account on trimble. i can only find a way for now to do this by opening 1 by 1…there are too many, so i would like to download all in one go. is that possible and how. thanks

You can bulk download your files on Trimble Connect. Just select them all and click “download” in the toolbar on the right.


As far as account support @colin is probably your best bet although it’s pretty early in CO so I doubt he’s awake just yet.

thanks. solved. I did not have that interface before. the link you sent me gave me a different access than the one i usually use https://app.sketchup.com/app and that does not have the posibility to bulk download
thanks…saved my day!

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Thanks, it was indeed early in CO at the time.