There's a problem downloading - It may have been deleted from Trimble Connect. Can't do it from trimble connect too, the files are missing

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Earlier i edited some of my files on Sketch up app web but suddenly the web is not responding so i reload the page and i got an error message when i tried to open the file.

I tried to download my file but it said “There was a problem downloading this file. It may have been deleted from Trimble Connect."

I tried to open it via chrome and safari and still got the same message. My chrome is up to date. I also tried to download it from trimble connect but no luck either.

I tried to sign out from my account and restart my laptop, but when i signed in again and opened sketch up web app i can’t find the files at all, it’s empty.

I opened my trimble connect, the files are there but there’re no preview of the files. Kinda look like a missing file.

I only have 10 models on trimble and the heaviest file is only 46 MB. The rest is like 20-ish MB, and most of them are below 20 MB.

I saw some people having same problem in the community but it seems they still could download their files.

Is there any way i can restore my file?

I wonder it’s because i only use the free version…

I had this happen this summer on my office desktop while using sketchup free for web. Tried for a few days to solve it but did not find a way. Now yesterday this happened on my home desktop which means I have now no way to access my data and work on my models. Tried support last summer but got nowhere. The worst part is that I was unable to use “download” functions i Trimble Connect to get my models downloaded. Always got access denied on all downloads. So there I was unable to open anything, unable to download anything and just out of luck with this.

But I found a way to get my data.

  1. Create a new sketchup account. Make sure it is working.
  2. Go to your old account in Trimble connect:
  3. Go to your project and then Explorer. Where you can see all your models.
  4. Select each and every one of them. Once done you will see a side panel on the right with options.
  5. Click Share
  6. Then do Share with: all with link, People: the email for your new account.
  7. Hit the share button.

Now you will get an email to your new account email address with a link at the bottom the email that you can use to download all of your models.

That said. I will never store data with Trimble cloud again. I do like sketchup and will probably upgrade to the paid version and get the desktop client.

With the free account, you get to have 10Gb of storage, but, you’ll burn it, meaning, deleting models won’t restore the total storage and also includes versioning.
Same applies for inviting teammembers.
It might be that the project has reached the limits?

Good theory. But I am as far from 10GB as you could get. Just a few simple woodworking models.

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