Cannot move drawings between folders in Trimble Connect

Creating folders in Trimble Connect in My.SketchUp is useless because you cannot move you existing drawings between them. It should be a way to move drawings between folders right in My SketchUp interface like drag-and-drop feature and/or context menu with delete/copy/cut/paste commands.


Right now, our integration with Trimble Connect is fairly limited, but you can always log in to and do any kind of file management you need.

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I have created couple of drawings in MySketUp and they are not showed in Trimble Connect site (folders are shown perfect).


with mine I have two servers, some files have ended up in the US server and some in the Europe server…

I can only see both from either my.sketchup >> Trimble Connect or in TC in the browser…

I get the US one from inside the SU TC webDialog and it’s empty there…


Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time to move files between projects hosted in different datacenters through either the Trimble Connect web interface or through the related user interface in my.SketchUp.

The simplest workaround for this is to download the file locally and re-upload it to the correct project. If you have many files to move at once, you may want to look into the Trimble Connect Sync tool, which provides a powerful method for keeping your local filesystem synchronized with your hosted Trimble Connect projects.


cheers John ,

the main things is I didn’t intentionally set up more than one server for my files…

I have no idea how or why there are two…


Wow. This was posted in 2016 and here it is 2020 and this simple feature remains unimplemented.

…maybe it isn’t so simple to implement?

But seriously, this is an old topic, and many things have changed since I made my last post. What are you hoping to be able to do today?