Uploading drawings to Trimble Connect Project

I recently renewed Sketchup Pro and in the past created projects on Trimble Connect. I now can’t remember how to upload my projects or drawings to the Project folders at TC. I’ve downloaded and installed TC Sync app. When I click on File when my drawing is open, and I try to publish the drawing, I am taken to the folders in TC that I created in the past but I don’t see an option to upload from my computer to TC.

From SketchUp you can use File>Trimble Connect>Publish Model.

I tried that, but it only took me to the folders of projects I had previously created in TC. I couldn’t find an option to sync with sketchup drawings on my computer.

Do you have the Trimble Connect Sync tool installed?

Yes (as I mentioned in my post).

Found the problem. When I tried to Publish my project, I was taken to TC and then I found the folder I wanted to publish to. Unfortunately, the screen didn’t open all the way and I didn’t see the button at the bottom right corner. This time, I opened to full screen, clicked the button and uploaded the file. I’m such an idiot at times!!!

Thanks Dave, for taking the time to try to help!!!

Glad you found it. Not sure I’d have thought to ask if you were looking at the full screen.