Managing Files and Folders

I have imported a number of projects into Sketchup 2020 and have created a few folders in Trimble Connect. This is super basic but how do I move files into a folder or from one folder to another?? It’s because of basic stuff like this that I’m really not loving my initial experience with the web version of Sketchup!

Trimble connect is more a project solution then storage solution.
A project can have multiple folders, but you cannot switch files from one project to another.
To move a file within a project:

To have a better setup, download Trimble Connect Sync app and set up a file structure on your desktop. (In Trimble Connect, click on the little squares on the top right.)

Thank you Mike,
My screen for Trimble Connect looks nothing like the image you shared. Here is what I have:

As you can tell, I’m a newbie to the online version. Any help would be appreciated.

Just to be clear, I simply want to drag a file (say “Bath 04JUL2020.skp”) to the folder entitled Bath. It seems impossible. Why give the ability to create folders if I can’t move files into them?

In the web app’s view of your Trimble Connect files you can make a folder and then add models to it. The Trimble Connect page itself has more powerful features, including drag and drop of a model to a folder:

When I try to download Trimble Connect Synch I get this message:

Is that what you are referring to? Where on the Trimble Connect page?

Open system preferences and ‘privacy’ to ignore Apple’s restrictions. Once installed it will create a hidden folder with the file structure of your projects.

Slightly easier, right-click and choose Open.

I think it is this way because it’s still beta.