Trimble Connect confusion

Not understanding Trimble Connect. Was under the impression it operate a bit like Dropbox where I can throw any folder in my local drive into the Dropbox folder on my desktop and it will sync to the cloud version of Dropbox.
Trimble Connect looks to lonely allow uploads of files. No folders allowed. Am I understanding this correctly? If I have a standard project folder tree on my desktop storage system I then have to manually create that same system and then upload all the files that go into each of those folders?

It’s a project management and collaboration tool, but has some pretty deep options for file sharing and permissions for lots of different file types common to both 3D and 2D documentation

The desktop sync apps keeps the project folder synchronised on your computer with the project you have created online,

It’s not for backing up random files on different locations, but rather every file that is pertinent to a specific project you are working on.

If you already have an organisation structure where you keep everything together in one location, then it will be easy to sync up

This is what I would have thought. But what I have found the last two days is that I can’t just copy/paste a project folder on my computer into the Trimble Connect Folder on the hard drive and then hit sync. The only files that sync will be in the project folders that were established online. Trimble connect sync will not take a local folder and turn it into a project folder and take all the contents within it (folder or file) and upload it to the cloud.

Is my experience off base? Something im doing wrong?

I just tried it and as long as I have an existing project in place and I’ve placed my files into the local version, it uploaded new yellow windows folders to the online project , along with the files.
It’s late here, so please let excuse me if I am not following along :grinning:

This was via the file sync tool, rather than via the desktop/web client

That’s really odd…maybe its a Apple thing?

I do not get that behavior at all. The desktop file sync application will not recognize any folder I throw into the installed Trimble Connect Folder. I also can’t drag/drop folders into the web interface. Files only. Has to be an Apple thing…crazy…
Im this close || to buying a pc for my Sketchup needs…so tired of these differences.

I’ll try my Mac tommorrow and see what it does for me, just in case there is something weird going on beyond the normal Apple walled garden shenanigans

Trimble Connect works perfectly on my mac. It synchronizes all my folders well. Your problem should be different than Mac system.

Are you using Trimble Connect Sync? Do you use the Trimble Connect Folder that the Sync app installed on your hard drive? Do you establish a main project folder first on TC Web? Do you then just throw entire folders into the Trimble folder, go to Trimble Connect Sync and synch everything and all that you just copy/pasted into the Trimble folder is now on TC Web?

Hi Keith

I just tried mine on Mac and it worked just as it did on Windows.
Created a new folder in the sync’d project folder and it was picked up and synced to the server.

So weird…I have some 10 folders in my sync folder but TC Sync only sees four of them.

if you right click and open the info pane for a folder that does work and a folder that doesn’t, are they using the same format?

It might be that the ones that aren’t working are some kind of symbolic to another physical location, rather than the location being actually there.

This morning Im seeing the syncing of folders. Steps are these?

  1. Create the project in TC Web.
  2. Sync that project to the desktop via TC Sync.
  3. Add all project folders and files to that now synced folder.
  4. Sync the project again via TC Sync. All desktop folders and files are now in TC Web.

Sound right? I think I was messed up on the order yesterday.

I created the project and then used TC Sync to “sync” a folder of the same name on my desktop to that project. TC Web has to download the project folder to create the sync location I guess?

I just tested and it works. I throw some files and folders on my mac in a Trimble Connect sync project folder and all of them are on Trimble Connect web. I always set first all projects on Trimble Conect Web.

I think as long as you’ve setup that project and you have done the initial sync of that to your local machine, then you should be golden.

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Dragging and dropping is only for files, folders are not supported. It is best to just create a project in the web, and than use the Sync app to upload the whole project. The standard schedule in sync for all projects is set to manual and is bidirectional. Depending on your situation (where do you want to have the ‘silo of truth’) you might change that to upload only. Check the differences on how TC is handling different conflict:

Some apps (Tekla, Trimble connect for Windows) have the ability to create projects from within the software itself. There is not in SketchUp, although it might be better suited in LayOut)

The standard location of the local files is in User/Trimble Connect Sync/trimbleID@emailaddress/Projects/ but can be set to another (existing) projectfolder on your local machine (or server) via the schedule.