Sketchup Shop Folders

I have Sketchup Shop loaded onto Windows. Can someone explain to me step by step how to save a model in a folder. I’ve read a comment on this forum about logging onto but I don’t have a clue what that means! Thanks,
Mike Lukjaniec

You only need to go to Trimble connect to create or change top level folders which they call Projects. If you just want to save your file:

• Start with your model open.
• Click the ‘burger’ menu at the top left and choose ‘Save As…’
• Choose a Project (folder) then either:

  1. Type a name and click “Save Here”
  2. Click “Add Folder” at the top right, give the folder a name, click it, then give the file a name and save it, as in the above step.

If you do want to create a new Project (top level folder), go to the link you posted, click sign-in at the top right and sign in with your Trimble i.d.

Under projects, click the continent and choose one, then click “New” to make a new project (folder).

McGordon showed a couple of ways to save an existing model as a copy, at a new location. If you want to move a model to an existing location without it being a copy, that can be done on this page:

Go into your project, and in the list of model there is an Add that could add a new folder, and you can drag and drop files into other folders. Alternately you could click the check box next to any models you want to move, then in the upper right there is a Move to… option.

If you have a Shop Subscription it might be worth setting up Trimble Connect Sync and keep a folder structure on your computer synced with your Projects in the cloud.
That way, you can have the same projects and models on both locations.
Instead of using (the bookmarked) my.sketchup, use and open the models from there.
The folder would be placed automatically in a hidden folder on your computer, but you can set up different sync schemes to other location(s), it’s always good to have a backup…

Trimble Connect Sync can be downloaded by clicking on the tiles icon on the top left when you are signing in.

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for the advice. This Sketchup folders issue has been driving me crazy, so I appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the Sketchup Shop folders advice which I appreciate.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the Sketchup folders advice which I appreciate. It makes sense as you say to have backup copies, particularly as my models relate to my business.

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