[Feature request] Move/drag to folder

I request the ability to right click and select “move file to … (folder)” or drag a file or multiple files at a time to a folder in my sketchup directory.

When I first started I was just playing around and did not make a hierarchy of folders to place the different files, and then later decided to arrange them into folders. I could not manage to drag the files into a created folder, so there were three options I considered for accomplishing said task:

  1. Download the file and upload it into the desired folder.
  2. Copy (select and ctrl+C), then paste (ctrl+V) into a new file and save the file in the desired folder.
  3. Create the file from scratch and save it into the desired folder.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review this feature request, and I am enjoying the fleibility of using the web-based my.sketchup!

Christopher Davis

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