Work on SU model stored to TC?

The new “Share a link” feature involves saving a copy to TC. After doing that the currently open sketchup model is the one that is saved to TC.

So to update the model that the client can see through the link, you now work on a file stored to the cloud. There’s a cloud symbol stating you work on a cloud saved version.

Is this safe now? There have been lots of reports on the forum of corrupt files, with just zeros inside, from working towards a cloud. Is it safe with TC, but not other web locations? Or should one close the drawing that gets opened on your computer from the “share a link” operation, and reopen the local file?

If one has the TC sync app, the sync app creates a local version of the file that gets stored to TC. It this the file that sketchup stores to when having stored to the cloud?

I dont feel that the info presented while making the link clarifies this thing.

A little confusion here :-).
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 10.43.17

Consider these two scenario’s, one where you have saved it locally already and the other where you just started an untitled and never have saved it.
Both scenario’s are better understood when checking the Welcome screen (you might have it turned of, but it can be accessed via [menu] Help > Welcome to SketchUp:

Saved first locally
When you have first saved the Model locally (eg. Documents\Projects\ClientID\SketchUp Model.skp) the file status in the new TC toolbar reflects the same information you see in the welcome screen (Local file, last modification timestamp)
When you share that model via the share icon, it now get’s uploaded in a project on the Trimble Server. Not exiting SketchUp or starting a new file will continuously save the progress to the Trimble Server.( The shared model will reflect the changes upon each Cmd + S or Save )

You will now have two entries in the Welcome screen, the local one and the one in the cloud.


When you have started a new SketchUp model, but have not saved it, the File status icon reflects it by saying ‘Not yet saved’ (!)
But, one can share the model via the share icon (At this moment, the warning is a bit confusing, since there is no local file, yet)

Now, you will only have one entry in the Welcome screen.

Working in the cloud
As all cloud services, it uses a local copy upon uploading to the cloud (eg. first write the file locally and use that to upload)
What can happen is that sync services can interfere that process (eg. a file is saved on Google Drive, but syncing is not yet started)
Because the process is controlled via the SketchUp App, it is much saver. (eg one can not continue untill the process has finished (saving local copy and then uploading to the cloud)

Cached files can be found in the %LocalAppdata%\SketchUp\Sketchup 2024\ folder

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right. thanks a lot.

So when you have a bad internet connection (upload speed is mostly lower than the download speed) and the file is getting bigger, the best strategy is to check the file status icon to see… the status(if it’s first saving in the chache folder and then start to upload it to the cloud)
Then open a new model or exit