SU 2024 - Trimble Connect, File Status

For the new TC extension, the cloud icon goes away after I close and reopen the file. Do I need to redo the TC save each time I open the file?

Are you opening the file from your local, internal drive?

It is just a file on my desktop.

Then it shouldn’t show the cloud because you aren’t looking at the TC-saved copy. If you open from TC the cloud will be displayed.

So just to confirm, you’re saying I have to re save-as to Trimble Connect each time I open the desktop file?

You don’t have to. It’s just that when you open from your local drive SketchUp isn’t looking at the TC-saved version of the file. If you know you didn’t modify the file after the last time you saved to TC, there’s probably no point in saving to TC again until you make some updates. If you do you’ll wind up with incremental versions saved in your Trimble Connect storage that are identical except for the save date/time. Even though you have unlimited cloud storage there’s no need to clutter up the list of files with a bunch of identical ones.

Scenario - I have shared a link to the model in the early stages of a design, and I am making daily edits on the desktop file that I want to reflect in the link of the model.

Fine. So after you make some edits, save to Trimble Connect again. This will replace the previous version saved there and the previous one will get added to the version history. During the session while you are working on the model subsequent saves will save the changes to the local file and also save to TC.

Thanks - that clears up my misunderstanding

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