Trimble Connect Extension 2024 - File Locations?

If a new project is created using the TC extension, does TC also save the .skp file to disk?

I tried the “Share a link to this model” button on the new Connect extension using a model that I had previously uploaded to TC project. I selected a location but a link was not generated.

So, I went ahead and created a new project and did a sync to that. Now both projects sync, and there are different versions of the file in each project (which is okay), but the extra ‘test’ project file seems to be cloud/TC only. Does TC save a copy of the file somewhere I’m not seeing?

If you created a new project on the Trimble server side with the new TC save, a local copy is saved in the %localappdata%\SketchUp\ folder.

Found it now, thank you.

Okay, a further subfolder contains my Test Project file. I’m going to delete the test project but wanted to confirm that the cached file is removed…

It seems as though the cached file is not cleaned up (at least not immediately). I’m going to keep an eye on it to see if the deletion is synced.

Otherwise, I need to conserve disk space… Part of the reason I was curious was that I did an operating system refresh to recover disk space and so moved all of my TC projects to external storage. I haven’t moved all of the projects back to my C drive… but was wondering where TC might try to sync them. What I mean is that the files are in triplicate (on TC project, in project on C, and in local app data - which is fine) but I want to check that I don’t have other copies on my back up drives or ‘hiding’ after I make changes.

I think I saw you mention to someone to install the older TC to get the Collaboration Manager back. I did that as well. The “Share a link to this model” button isn’t intuitive to me. It makes good sense that someone would want to do that… but it feels backwards. The “Publish Model” button seems more intuitive, as that’s what I’d ‘think’ I’d have to do before sharing a link. So, I’m using both! :slight_smile:

I also just noticed that the project I removed is now removed from the Trimble Connect Projects list widget in Trimble Work Center. That’s good! TC feels like the backbone of SketchUp to me. But the Work Center… could be very cool.

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If you use Trimble Connect desktop for converting, you might want to check too.
It keeps track of both added files in native format and the converted trimBIM files, so this might add up rapidly.

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Almost 2GB there. Looks like a bit of a Sorcerer’s Apprentice Effect has been at work for a while. It would be nice if the corresponding file names were easier to determine for cleaning up. Time for some test-deletes to make sure this stuff can go.