Where do I find the folder that the sketchup files open from Trimble Cloud are temporarily stored in the Mac?

I have a huge problem. I opened a file from Trimble, which I then worked for over 20 hours. I was saving the changes constantly, but unfortunately only locally (with cmd+s) and forgot to upload the changes to Trimble at the end of the work. After a repeated CMD+s, I closed the program because my computer needed a restart. When I reopened the program, only the old locally version of the Sketchup model was available. I can’t find the last, locally stored version of the file anywhere. I see in the most recently used file menu, that the models that are opened from Trimble, always create a folder on Mac named “SKP[DATE]–[Uniqueid]”, but I can’t find this folder on my computer. I guess I would find the latest version of the file in this folder. Please help!

In Finder, choose Go to Folder… from the Go menu. Paste in this path:


In the folder you’re taken to, search for .skp, and choose SketchUp Model from the search list. To the left of the search window, click on ‘folders’:

That should list any SketchUp files that you had started from Trimble Connect.

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