"doesn't appear to be a sketchup model"

I have a sketchup model that I have worked extensively on that was saved less than 12 hours ago and is now no longer identifying as a sketchup file.

You can use dropbox, google drive, Onedrive or similar to upload your file and share a link. Make sure to set permissions to share!

I hope you are able to see/access the files that I linked.

You have to make it accessible. As it is I get Access Denied…

I have updated the files to be accessible.

Looks pretty grim. The .skp file is nearly all zeroes. The .skb file looks like it might have a better chance of opening. Maybe @colin can do something with it.

Where have you been saving the .skp file while you’ve been working on it?

On my laptop ssd

Hmmm…Fingers crossed that Colin has a little time to look at your .skb file and he’s still got some of that magic in his old silk hat.

Thanks for weighing in on my quandary. I will hold my breath for @colin :zipper_mouth_face:

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Sorry I couldn’t recover anything from it. A thought for the future: As you are working on projects continue saving them to your internal drive but also publish them to your Trimble Connect storage. That will give you a backup and each time you publish to TC it amounts to an incremental save so you can always go back to an earlier revision if needed.

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This has now become my ritual. Without rhyme, nor reason, many hours of life (priceless) have been sacrificed and the insurance preventing this scenario comes without cost… so… utterly… maddening. *still holding breath :flushed:

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There are a number of things I wish I could tell people to do before they even start with their first SketchUp model. Using Trimble Connect to backup their files is one. And the other is don’t save and work on files saved directly to cloud locations. Always work on locally saved files. While your Trimble Connect storage is in the cloud, you do not work on the file directly from there with SketchUp Pro. If you open a file from Trimble Connect it first gets downloaded to your computer and saves are done to the copy on your computer. It only goes ack to Trimble Connect when you Publish the model again.

Best wishes.