This does not appear to be a sketch up model Can you help me?

I have lost so much work can anyone help? Its telling me this is not a sketch up file

Tipps file

What operating system? 2022 is NOT an operating system.

If Windows, do you have the .skb file? Share that and let’s see if we can do anything with it.

Where have you been saving the .skp file as you’ve been working on it?

Hi, yes I am using windows. I included a weTransfer link to the project. Is that working?

The file is 295 KB so I couldn’t upload it directly. The skb is very small! i was working out of town so I was saving onto an external drive. File opened perfectly last night. This morning, this happened.

Iback up

Please correct your forum profile.

I was able to download the .skp file but couoldn’t open it. That’s why I asked for the .skb file.

I think you mean MB?

That’s not promising, then. Still, might be worth a look.

If you were working on the file directly from the external drive, this could be the cause of the problem. If there was a connection problem or perhaps you disconnected the external drive while SketchUp was saving, you could lose data. Best practice is to have the file saved to an internal drive, work on it from there, and if you need to make it portable, copy it to the external drive but keep the original on the internal drive at least until you know your copy is usable.

Since you have a subscription for SketchUp you could also publish your models to Trimble Connect to generate an additional backup.

Were you able to open the file at all?

It might not be your entire file but rename the .skb to .skp and try openingit. That worked for me.

Tipps SU (2).skp (14.7 MB)

Yes that one works, its just missing 3 days of work. No way to recover the other file?

Maybe @colin will have time to look and see if he can get anything out of it.

@DaveR thank you so much for taking a minute to try. @colin if you have a chance I would be so grateful.

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