Somebody help, i can't open my file, its says " this does not appear to be a sketch up model"

somebody help, i can’t open my file, its says " this does not appear to be a sketch up model". i tried everything but i can’t open the file

You have to share the file if you want us to try to help you.

final.skp - Google Drive here is the file

Your .skp file is full of zeroes. There’s nothing to recover. Do you have the .skb file to share?

Where have you been saving the file as you were working on it?

when i was working the sketch up program crashed, it did not have an skb, when i retarted may pc and tried to open the file that’s what it show " this does not apper to be a sketch up file", is there any way to recover it?

Unfortunately not from the file you shared.

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omg :disappointed:

Sorry about that. I would suggest that you take advantage of your SketchUp subscription and publish your models to Trimble Connect in addition to saving them to your internal drive. That will create back up copies as well as incremental copies so you could go back to an earlier version if needed.

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thank you for that suggestion

Ok file attacheched

Qita Woolley

Sorry. That link doesn’t work. Upload the file to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

floor plan (1).skp


## floor plan (1).skp

Shared with Dropbox

](Dropbox - floor plan (1).skp - Simplify your life)

Ok, so I’m just getting started. Haven’t used SketchUp in 10 yeas and the campus wont let me in to take a refresher. This is my villa in Aguada that I’m planning on doing some work on. Pretty basic, so don’t laugh. Ya, hard to believe, before I retired I had all sorts of design awards.

Qita Woolley

Ok file attacheched

Qita Woolley

I don’t see the link in your post.

You should also edit your post and remove your e-mail address

Did you sign in and then enroll? What kind of error does it give you to say that you cannot access the courses?

Regarding your file, if you use Purge to clean your model, it will drop from 102 MB to 0.5 MB.

floor plan (542KB).skp (542.3 KB)

Learn about the correct orientation of the faces (white outwards) and creating groups of all elements and assigning tags to them.

I modeled properly the right part of your model so you can see how it should be done, I created some tags and activated the color by layer option, you can change again to monochrome on the tags tray, notice that only groups and components are tagged, loose geometry must remain untagged.

floor plan.skp (563.9 KB)

Thank you! I’m new to the forum and posted in the wrong place - but you fixed it for me. The issue with the campus is I go into a loop, it wont sign me in the address bar shows that the phone number used is already assigned to someone else. Tech couldn’t figure out why.