Error : this does not appear to be a sketchup model

hi i cant open a skp file it says " this does not appear to be a sketchup model " . looks like power cut crashed my file. i tried to recover through backup file , changing skb to skp . renamed the file name. tried opening in skp 2021 , 2023 but still nothing seems to be working. can some one help me ?

Probably, if you share the SketchUp file.

Did you try opening the .skb backup file?

name PRO.skp (2.5 MB)

i tried opening the skb file too. but its not working.

Hopefully @colin will have some luck with it.

Where is the file saved on your computer?

d folder

A local (internal) drive?

local is c drive but the file is in the partitioned drive

But not in the cloud?

no its not in the cloud. i was working on the file suddenly power cut happened and then my pc got shut down. when i tried to open the file again its says " this does not appear to be a sketchup model".

also i have saved the file multiple times before the power cut and i have also enabled auto backup every 5 minutes. if someone could help me find the backup folder atleast it would be helpful

local d drive

That file is 100% filled with zeros. It isn’t a document of any kind.

i have no idea how it got corrupted . i am nervous to work on sketchup again .

This is quite possibly how the model got corrupted. Depending on if a save of the file was happening, or if the file system was doing some sort of re-organization on its own, the abrupt power cut might have halted something that was in progress, and it could not resume when the computer was rebooted.

If power cuts are a common occurrence for you it would be a good idea to get a battery backup power supply for your computer.

power cut is not common occurrence here in bahrain . they alerted me before the power cut so i saved the file a couple of times before the outage. im pretty sure there should be a backup file / autosave file in my pc somewhere. but i dont know the exact file location to retrieve it.

Did you try opening sketchup and looking on the home window?

Yes. it shows the recent files that i was working on . but i tried to open it from there it shows the same error message as in the topic

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