Can't open the file I worked on this morning! This does not appear to be a Sketchup model


I have been working on this file all morning. I have then exported it into pdf, saved it, and closed it.
I have been trying to open it again this afternoon without any success, getting “This does not appear to be a Sketchup model” as an answer instead.

I have shared the file in question if anyone is kindly enough to look at it.
Thank you in advance for your help.

There is no file shared in your post. I see an image, and your written text. Uploading the SKP file (if it is about 10MB or less in size) would be helpful. Drag the SKP file into another reply, or use the upload icon when composing another reply (8th icon from the left, it looks like an up-pointing arrow).

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Did you saved the SketchUp (SU) file when done ? If so, where ?

If you try to open the pdf file directly from SU it won’t work.

Try File Menu → Open recent file.

You might be lucky to find your file there.


Thank you! For some reason the file path was reading “skb”. Instead of skp. I appreciate the assistance!